• Vic Neufeld and his professional achievements

  • Posted on May 20, 2019
  • Vic’s professional achievements are a testament as to how hard working, committed and dedicated he is with his craft. Vic Neufeld has worked with various companies and led them to success. Some of the biggest companies he had worked with are Aphria and Jamieson Laboratories. Aphria is a cannabis producer and distributor in Canada and the United States. Jamieson Laboratories manufactures and distributes natural vitamins, minerals, herbs, and botanical medicines, and concentrated food medicines in Canada. He also has over a decade of experience working as a chartered accountant and partner with Ernst & Young. It is an advisory, assurance, and tax and transaction services which helps investors retain their confidence, manage risks and strengthen your control over your investment.
    Neufeld spent most of his professional career working with Jamieson Laboratories and Aphria.

    Vic Neufeld as CEO Jamieson Laboratories

    Vic Neufeld spent his 21 years as a CEO of Jamieson Laboratories. It is one of the best manufacturers and distributors of natural vitamins and minerals not only in Canada but in other parts of the world. Vic Neufeld was instrumental to the success of the company. When he assumed the CEO position, the company’s annual sale was only $20 million. Under his leadership, the company has grown bigger and better. The business scope expanded dramatically to over 40 countries resulting in increased in sales. The total annual sale reached over $250 million. Under his leadership, Jamieson Laboratories became a recognized brand name globally.

    Vic Neufeld as CEO Aphria

    Vic Neufeld was the CEO of Aphria, one of the producers of the best medical cannabis in the world. Under his leadership, the company has explored all strategic opportunities to make the company a competitive brand. It expanded its partnership in the global arena and has prepared for the legalization of adult use market in Canada.

    His professional achievements are a testament as to how Vic Neufeld was raised by his father and how his life growing up has molded him to be the man that he is right now. Vic grew up in a disciplined household. His father has instilled in him the value of working hard to get where you want to be in life. He learned the value of dollars at a young age growing up in a poor household. Up until now, Vic holds these principles and applies them not only in his professional life but in his personal life too. This makes him a great leader and role model.

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